Bebop Rogers-Morgan


They are a non-binary stylist from Houston, Texas and their formal education began at the premiere Aveda Institute in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2019 from which they graduated with honors.

Their transition to The Factory has been a natural extension of their passion to work for an organization with a mission towards art and sustainability.  They continue training by investing in frequent hands-on education which enables the ability to stay on trend with their clients.

During their personal time, they enjoy being with their husband Cody and their rat dog son Milo. They enjoy hiking, painting, writing, art, language and enjoy all things anime, cyberpunk, and sci-fi. They love being surrounded by art and pull inspiration from it.

They currently specialize in balayage, vivid, fantasy colors, razor cuts, and curly cuts.  Their personal philosophy is to listen to each client and help them realize their ideal hair goals.

Bebop's Work