THE FACTORY HAIR(ALD) – February 2024


February’s all about hair transformation at The Factory.

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Salon Updates

Exciting Salon Updates: A Fresh New Look and More Comfort!

Just when we thought we had perfected our space, we decided we should take it one step further to enrich your salon experience! As our team grows, we’ve expanded our waiting area to better accommodate our guests, ensuring comfort and style go hand-in-hand. These updates aim to elevate your visit, making every moment at The Factory even more enjoyable. We’re excited for you to experience the new additions and continue making beautiful memories with us. Thank you for your ongoing support and stay tuned for the grand unveiling of our refreshed and more welcoming space!


Love is in the (h)air this February, and we’re excited to spread the joy with exclusive discounts on our heartfelt products!

Throughout the month, indulge in a 10% discount on our entire range of Davines love products.

The love doesn’t stop there! On February 14th only, enjoy an additional 15% off on all love products. Whether you’re surprising a special someone or treating yourself, it’s the perfect opportunity to add a touch of love to your collection.

Don’t miss out on this offer! Make sure to mark your calendars for February 14th and explore our selection of all our products, all online now.


Grooming Tips for our Males during the Chilly Weather

It’s the middle of winter and here at The Factory, and we are ready to ensure our male clientele know just how to navigate the colder months with style and ease. Recognizing the unique challenges winter poses to hair and beard care, we’ve put together a few tips and tricks, designed specifically for men seeking to maintain their style and hair health during this chilly season.

1. Moisturize Your Scalp: Winter can dry out your scalp, leading to dandruff and itchiness. Use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner to keep your scalp moisturized.

2. Trim Regularly: Regular trims help maintain the shape of your hairstyle and remove any split ends, which can be more prevalent in cold weather.

3. Use Leave-in Treatments: Apply leave-in conditioners or hair oils to keep your hair soft and manageable. These products help lock in moisture and protect against the harsh winter air.

4. Style with the Right Products: Opt for cream-based styling products that offer flexibility and moisture, rather than gels or waxes that can dry out hair.

5. Avoid Overwashing: This is BIG! Washing your hair too often can strip it of natural oils. If possible, reduce the frequency of washes and use lukewarm water to prevent further drying.

Beard Styling and Care

1. Keep It Clean: Wash your beard regularly with a beard-specific wash that cleans without stripping away natural oils.

2. Moisturize: After washing, apply a beard oil or balm to keep your beard soft and hydrated. This will also help soothe the skin underneath and prevent flakiness.

3. Comb Daily: Use a beard comb or brush to keep your beard neat and tangle-free. This also helps evenly distribute beard oils and balms.

4. Trim for Shape: Regular trims help maintain your desired beard shape and remove any split ends.

5. Protect Against the Cold: Before heading out into the cold, apply a bit more beard balm to help protect your beard and skin from the drying effects of winter weather.

Ask Your Stylist which products might be good for you next time you’re in!

Introducing Our Q&A Segment: Your Beauty Questions Answered!

It is our commitment to not only provide our guests with exceptional salon services, but also to engage and support our community.

Because of this, we’re excited to introduce a new feature in our newsletter: the Q&A Segment. This is your chance to dive deeper into the world of beauty, hair care, styling tips, and much more. We believe that knowledge is the key to maintaining and enhancing your beauty routine, and who better to guide you than your stylists here at The Factory.

How It Works

Each issue of our newsletter will include a section dedicated to answering YOUR beauty-related questions. Wondering how to keep your hair glossy in winter? Curious about the latest trends in men’s grooming? Or perhaps you’re seeking advice on the best products for your hair type? Whatever your query, we’re here to provide our personalized, professional advice.

How to Take Part

Submitting your questions is easy! Send us an email at manager@thefactoryhairsalon with the subject line “Factory Newsletter Q&A”. Ask us anything that’s on your mind related to beauty and grooming. We’ll select a few questions to answer in each issue, so if you don’t see yours right away, it might appear in a future edition.


We understand the importance of privacy, rest assured that you will remain anonymous while we impart our knowledge to your questions in the newsletter. We aim to create a safe space where you can seek advice without hesitation.

Why Your Questions Matter

Your questions not only help you, but also support our community by sharing valuable insights and information. Chances are if you experience it or think it, someone else does too. Not only that, they inspire us to research and deliver the most current and effective beauty solutions too. Plus, this allows us to connect with you on a more personal level, understanding your needs and interests better.

Get Ready to Ask Away!

We’re thrilled about this new opportunity to connect and share knowledge. Your beauty concerns and curiosities are important to us, and we can’t wait to address them in our upcoming newsletters. So, start thinking about what you’ve always wanted to ask and send us your questions. Let’s make the most of this journey together, with advice and tips tailored just for you by your hair experts at The Factory.

Save the Date: Nebula Hair Show on February 17!

Step into a world of beauty, art, music, yummy food and compassion at our Nebula Hair Show on February 17, where glamour meets a great cause. 
Join us for an unforgettable evening in the company of special guests, including Senator Dafna Michaelson Janet of Colorado
Tickets are on sale now, and the best part–100% of the proceeds will directly benefit CASA, supporting children in the foster care system. Your ticket doesn’t just promise a night of style and elegance; it’s a gesture of kindness towards those who need it most. Let’s come together to make a difference! Purchase your ticket today, (Our GA ticket price has just been reduced) and be a part of an event that not only celebrates beauty but also contributes to the well-being of children in foster care. Every ticket counts, and every attendee makes a meaningful impact. See you at Nebula Hair Show. If you’re unable to attend but would still like to donate, please do so by clicking here. All donations are tax deductible. We will soon have a link up as well to view all silent auction items. Be on the lookout!

Nourish Your Roots: A Wellness Spotlight at The Factory Hair Salon

In the midst of blowouts and trims, we believe in cultivating beauty from the inside out. This month, The Factory Hair Salon is turning the spotlight on wellness and self-care, reminding you that your locks deserve a thriving mind and spirit as well.Hair care goes beyond the strands we get to touch and style; it’s about creating a sanctuary for your mind. Let’s dive into the importance of mental health and self-care. After all, a happy mind is the best canvas for a fabulous hair day after all!
Tip #1: Detangle Your Mind
Just as we detangle knots in your hair, take a moment before bedtime to untangle the stresses of the day. Embrace a few minutes of mindfulness or meditation to reset. A calm mind is the secret ingredient to a stunning, stress-free style. We recommend Matthew McConaughey’s bedtime stories if you haven’t already heard him, and Jennifer Garner for the fellas 🙂
 Tip #2: Hydration, Inside and Out
Your hair loves a good hydrating treatment, and so does your body! Put those Stanleys you all got for the holidays to work and sip on some water throughout the day to keep both your locks and skin radiant. We’re all about that double hydration life, inside and out.
 Tip #3: Self-Care Styling Routine
Incorporate self-care into your daily routine like you do with your hair products. Whether it’s a warm bath, a good book, or a cozy moment with your favorite podcast, make self-care a part of your styling ritual. At The Factory Hair Salon, we’re not just here for your hair; we’re here for you. Join us on this journey of nurturing beauty from root to tip – inside and out. Wishing you luscious locks and a heart full of self-love. 
Stylist Spotlight
We’re thrilled to turn the spotlight on Nikki Libertelli, the heartbeat of our salon, with an impressive 14 years behind the chair. Nikki has honed her skills under the guidance of industry luminaries, making her a versatile stylist. Her true passion lies in precision short cuts, curly haircuts, and gracefully transitioning color to its natural beauty.
Beyond the Chair, she is a mentor and an advocate. Nikki plays a pivotal role as The Factory’s educator, guiding our apprentices through their training and also is giving back to the community through her non-profit work. Nikki is not just a stylist; she’s a loving mother to two beautiful boys and recently married to her husband Adam.
From March 8 to March 29, Nikki will be on a brief medical hiatus. Your understanding during this time is appreciated. Nikki will be part-time for the month following her hiatus, continuing to share her creative flair with her guests. If you currently have an appointment during this time, please know that Nikki or a member of our team will reach out to you personally to get that rescheduled. Feel free to reach out for recommendations during her absence; Nikki wholeheartedly trusts each stylist in our talented team, but will also give personal recommendations if needed. Let’s send our positive vibes and love to Nikki as she takes this short break, knowing she’ll return to grace us with her creativity and passion very soon!