Gina Pugliese


Gina took an unconventional path to cosmetology pursuing her license after receiving her PhD in English Literature. She doesn't regret her swerve from academia in order to flaunt her creativity and passion for style and fashion. As far as she is concerned, the more avant garde and edgy the better. As a stylist she's advanced her talent by taking classes with distinguished hair artists including, Vivienne Mackinder, Ira Pope Sage, Pope the Barber, Presley Poe, DJ Muldoon, Jay Mahmood, Keya Neal and Jayne Matthews. She doesn't like to box herself into any niche so book her for your chic pixie, bohemian shag, classic men's cut, beautifully diffused long layers, vibrant reds, pops of fantasy colors or sun-kissed balayage.

Gina's Work