Hair Color

Hair Color

* Color fee not included
* Always book a toner when booking lightning services

Full Color Retouch

A color retouch covers the areas of the hair where the natural roots are growing back to match the color applied to the ends.

Starting at $60

Partial Retouch (In Salon)

This service is the same as in salon partial retouch, however you will go home and wash the product out at home. Your stylist will direct you on when and how to do so.

Starting at $45

All Over Color / Single Process Color

An All Over/Single Process color is a color that is applied for the top of the head to the ends of the hair.

Starting at $65

Double Process Color

A double process color is to lighten your hair and then apply another color to the lightened hair.

Starting at $160

Mini Highlight

10 or a fewer foils are added into the hair to create some subtle but impactful dimension.

Starting at $75

Partial Highlight

Foils are typically placed on top and sides of the head for a more natural look. This adds the perfect amount of brightness around the face and anywhere the sun may hit naturally.

Starting at $95

Full Highlight

Foiling throughout the whole head. This technique can add more dramatic affect your natural color.

NOTE: New clients please always book unless directed otherwise. This is to allow for timing. Services may always be adjusted at checkout.

Starting at $126


Lightner is painted throughout the head and softly blended for a brighter lived in look and a seamless grow out.

Starting at $136

Bleach and Tone

Lightener applied at new growth on a pre-lighten canvas.

Starting at $105 per hour


This service helps to customize or refresh your color.

Starting at $40

Gray Blending

A Semi Permanent Color to carefully blend in grey hair to an otherwise natural- colored head of hair.

Starting at $40

Corrective Color

Think “OOPS, I need my stylist to fix a hair mistake that might have been made!”

NOTE: Consultation is Required

Starting at $105