Kaye Williams


Between being born in the Philippine Islands and growing up in Florida, Kaye has always been inspired by the salt life — meaning she loves sun kissed hair and beachy texture.

Kaye graduated from the AvedA institute Orlando and furthered her education here in Denver at the Academy of Cosmetology Arts and then did an intensive apprenticeship for 6 months before working behind the chair. Continuing Education has and always will be a priority of Kaye’s as it keeps her inspired after 8 years of doing hair. Balayage and razor cuts and other lived-in styles are her personal go-to but she truly loves doing it all — from vibrant vivids to natural tones to classic precision bobs to perms and pixies.

If she’s not behind the chair or doing continuing education, she’s probably hiking around Colorado, or traveling around the world, or laid up with her husband and all of their animals.

Kaye's Work