Krista Kern


Krista is a Kansas City native who decided to take her skill-set and bring it to Denver, She specializes in textured cuts, creative colors, pretty platinums, foilyage/balayage and curly locks! She went to school for cosmetology when she was in highschool and decided she loved it for a lifelong career! A decade deep in her career, she has been able to attend classes all over the U.S. and even London and Toronto to bring back and use on her clients. Mostly trained in Tony + Guy for cutting, she applies her education fiercely to her clients requests. As far a color goes, she has learned under various individuals and companies to know exactly how to use color theory to it’s finest pigments. Something else Krista finds very important, all hair aside, is for a person to feel great in their own skin. So if there’s been a style or color you’ve been nervous to try, she will take the time to listen and encourage you to be your best self!

Outside of the salon, Krista is always on an adventure on some sort, usually with her furry friend Morty! Like most people who live in Colorado, she loves hiking and exploring. Krista also works part time at Red Rocks, if she’s not outside or watching live music, she’s watching slasher films or anime. She loves talking about films and shows, also she is a big foodie, so if you have any recommendations - she’s all ears!

Krista's Work