We want you to have the best salon experience, which is why we offer you the chance to discover your Factory Salon soulmate.
Take our quick matchmaking survey and you’ll get matched with the stylists who best fit your hair, style, preferences, and your personality!
We want you to have the best salon experience, which is why we offer you the chance to discover your Factory Salon soulmate.
Take our quick matchmaking survey and you’ll get matched with the stylists who best fit your hair, style, preferences, and your personality!

A Stylish Tribute to The Factory's Spirit

In the vibrant tapestry of creativity, our story unfolds, echoing the avant-garde spirit that once thrived within the legendary Factory of Andy Warhol. It all began in 1962, a time when artists, musicians, and personalities converged in a kaleidoscope of inspiration, producing timeless works of art and fostering a community where creativity knew no bounds.

Amidst the foil-covered walls of The Factory, a haven for the inspired, paintings, films, photographs, and music emerged, celebrating the beauty found in every conceivable form. Our hair salon proudly carries forward this tradition of cultivating creativity and collaboration.

Step into our space, where the echoes of Warhol’s iconic studio reverberate, right down to the unmistakable payphone by the door. Here, each stylist is an artist, expressing a unique style while drawing upon the expertise and inspiration of their colleagues. Whether you’re refining your current look or daring to explore a bold new style, you’ll discover unparalleled skill and creativity with our exceptional team at The Factory. Welcome to a salon where every visit is a brushstroke in the masterpiece of your personal style.

Nestled in the heart of the Virginia Village neighborhood, our salon stands proudly at 1513 South Holly Street, Denver, Colorado. As a woman-owned haven for sustainable beauty, we are at the Southwest Corner of South Holly Street and East Florida Avenue, just a stone’s throw away from Cherry Creek. Discover a blend of eco-conscious elegance and skilled artistry at our doorstep.

Green Circle Sustainable Salon

Green Circle Salons is the industry’s first sustainable salon solution dedicated to fighting beauty waste and climate change by recycling up to 95% of salon waste including hair color and hair clippings.

Salon Today 200

We are honored and privileged to share with you that we were selected to be included in the 2022 SalonToday Top 200 modern salons. We are humbled to be here as a top 200 salon when many of our brothers and sisters in the industry were shut down permanently during the pandemic. We share this award with our dedicated and hard working team, the trailblazers in the industry before us, the budding super stars that will follow us, and our amazing and loyal guests. All of you are what make awards like this possible, and we are eternally grateful.

Product Lines


SEVEN hair care is a luxury product line with high-performance formulations that work for stylists, but also make it easy to create healthy, elegant, lightweight looks at home.

We are continually crafting, testing and refining formulas to create products you love to use. Whether creating ocean-kissed waves, chic chignons, or glossy curls – our products give you everything you need to let your unique beauty shine through.

And of course, they’re cruelty free, sulfate free and paraben free.


Founded in Parma, Italy in 1983 by the Bollati Family, Davines Group started as a research laboratory, producing high-end hair care products for renowned cosmetic companies worldwide.

Davines believes that the balance between beauty and sustainability can improve our lives and the world around us. By creating “beauty” Davines wants to encourage people to take care of themselves, the environment in which they live and work, what they love.

Mr. Smith

We’re thrilled to introduce our latest addition to The Factory family: Mr. Smith. (No, it’s not just for Men) This eco-conscious and hair-friendly product line joins our existing favorites, Davines, and SEVEN Haircare. We believe in supporting small businesses committed to both the planet, education and promoting healthy, beautiful hair. Explore the goodness of Mr.Smith during your next visit!

Salon Policies

What We Believe

The team at The Factory is collaborative and keeps a fun, vibrant and upscale atmosphere. At The Factory we believe in being authentic and true to yourself and others. We believe in diversity in the workplace and believe our differences make us a stronger team. We believe in a non-judgmental, comfortable and inspiring environment without drama. We believe in an environment that is positive and professional,using gender-neutral prices. We value continuous personal growth and education, we truly believe this the key to long term professional success.

The color lines we use are Davines and Pulp Riot for vivids. Our color is vegan friendly and free from ammonia, MEA and PPD. We use Redken Shades EQ which is also vegan and free from PPD. If you have any allergies to product/color please let your Stylist know before hand.

Appointment Security

We always recommend pre-booking your future appointment with your stylist before you leave your appointment so that you get in when you need. If you’re needing a last minute appointment, we do offer an “After Hour” appointment option for an additional charge. Please call the salon to learn more about this service.

We use and sell and Davines and R&Co Bleu hair care. We stand behind the performance of their products and the efforts they are making to improve the planet.

Fresh Air

We maintain “always on” ventilation and fresh outdoor air, weather permitting, complimented by our high volume HVAC system. We constantly monitor our air with sophisticated BlUEAIR sensors to ensure top air quality at all times.

Modern + Clean

We want to focus on you! The modern aesthetic provides a blank canvas allowing focus on you and your hair. Cleanliness, disinfection and sanitation are  important to us as well, that’s why regular disinfecting, sanitizing and cleaning are routinely completed. Our team is Barbicide Covid-19 Certified.  *Barbicide is an EPA approved broad-spectrum disinfectant

Refunds + Exchanges


We have carefully selected our haircare products to provide you with what we trust and believe in. Your stylist will carefully recommendation each product along with a “how to use” for your at-home care based on your specific hair length/texture, color services, and lifestyle care routines.

We can not offer refunds for products more than 50% used.

Tools and Hair Accessories are final sale.

If you have any trouble styling your hair at home with our products, please reach out to us at for at [email protected] for additional assistance.

If you believe you have received a defective product, please let us know asap and we can help arrange an exchange for you at your earliest convenience.


For our salon services, we guarantee our work. If you are unsatisfied with a service, we ask that you please call the salon within 7 days, and we will happily adjust it for you.  Should you have any other questions or concerns about the service you have received in the salon, please notify us at [email protected]

Social Media / Film Photography

The Factory periodically films video and photography in-salon for use on our social channels and digital media platforms. While we do our best to limit faces and other identifying features of clients, there may be times that it is unavoidable.

If your photo is taken for social media your Stylist will ask for a verbal consent.

By being in the salon, you understand that film and photography may take place during your services

Silent Appointment

Please don’t hesitate to ask for a silent appointment. If you are anxious, tired, mentally drained and just want to avoid conversation to have some quiet time, we completely understand. Your service is about YOU. If you’re wanting to talk, we’re happy to converse. If you’d like the time to decompress, read, or use it to zone out, you can absolutely do that too. There will be no judgment…EVER. Regardless of the reason, you are always welcome to ask for this option.


*When booking online just add “silent appointment” to the notes section. Over the phone or in person after your verbal consultation feel free to request a silent appointment.

Cancellation Policy

For appointments cancelled or rescheduled within 24 hours from the start of your service, 50% of the service total will be charged. For no show or same day cancellations, 100% of the service total will be charged. Strict enforcement of this policy ensures our stylists do not lose essential income from last minute cancellations.

Credit Card on File Policy

We require a card on file to reserve any services at the salon. Services 3 hours or more will be charged 50% of service total at the time of booking and applied to service when checking out. Any charges not closed within 24 hours after appointment will be charge to the card on file and an automatic 20% gratuity will be added. In addition to having a card on file we will now be asking all new guests to also put a 50% deposit down on all services that will be used towards their next scheduled visit.

Late Policy

Please try your hardest not to be late. One late client can throw the whole day out of whack, however we will always do our best to accommodate our clients in every way. Clients running more than 15 minutes behind will have to be rescheduled for another time and subject to our cancellation policy.

Please contact us as soon as possible if you need to make any significant changes to your service or need to cancel your appointment.