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Andy Warhol once said:
“The idea of America is so wonderful because the more equal something is, the more American it is.”

This quote epitomizes everything that The Factory stands for. We will never devise services based on gender or age.

Beautiful looks for ALL , Same time, and same LOVE!!

What To Expect

Beginning February 1, 2023 all color services will be charged a small color fee.  This fee based on color services received will  help offset the increased cost of color and provide our stylists with more color education.

The Classic

Classic barbering above the ear; scissors over comb/ clippers
Includes wash, scalp massage, and styling

Returning GuestsNew Guests
Junior Stylist$40+$50+
Senior Stylist$45+$55+
Master Stylist$50+$60+

The Standard

Detailed cutting for hair that is at the shoulders to the chin; pixie/ mid-length bob/ shag
Includes wash, scalp massage, blow drying, and styling

Returning GuestsNew Guests
Junior Stylist$55+$60+
Senior Stylist$75+$85+
Master Stylist$85+$100+

The Extra Time

Detailed cutting for hair that is below the shoulders or excessively thick; long layers/ weight removal
Includes wash, scalp massage, blow drying and styling

Returning GuestsNew Guests
Junior Stylist$60+$70+
Senior Stylist$80+$90+
Master Stylist$85+$95+

NOTE: If you are a new client (or it's been more than 6 months since your last haircut) at The Factory this is the service you will want to book (for all hair types) this will ensure that you and your stylist have time for a detailed consultation to achieve the perfect haircut for you!
Includes wash, scalp massage, deep conditioning treatment and blow-dry/styling.

Specialty Cut Services

This is a specialized dry + wet cut for hair with all curl and wave patterns.
Finished with a diffused or dryer set style. Includes wash, scalp massage and blow dry/styling.

Returning GuestsNew Guests
Junior Stylist$60+$70+
Senior Stylist$75+$85+
Master Stylist$90+$100+

Transformation Cuts

For those who are wanting a big change! Adding a new shape and or removing excessive length/ weight. Includes before and after photos, consultation, wash, scalp massage, blow-dry/styling, and education on how to style your new do at home!

New / Returning Guests
Junior Stylist$110+
Senior Stylist$135+
Master Stylist$150+

Express Cuts

stylist recommendation only; must call to book
Dry precision cutting (washing and styling is not included) must come in with clean and dry hair.

Returning Guests Only
Junior Stylist$35+
Senior Stylist$40+
Master Stylist$45+

Full Color Retouch

A color retouch means to cover the areas of the hair where the natural roots are growing back to match the color applied to the ends

Starting at $60

Partial Retouch (In Salon)

A partial retouch is for existing guests only and can only be scheduled in salon. The service is in between color appointments and you must have your next full retouch booked prior to booking. You may not do more than two part retouches in a row. The service covers the "T" parting of the head and helps to hold you over between appointments. This service is done in salon and includes a shampoo and blow dry

Starting at $45

Partial Retouch (Out Salon)

This service is the same as in salon partial retouch, however you will go home and wash the product out at home. Your stylist will direct you on when and how

Starting at $45

All Over Color / Single Process Color

An All Over/Single Process color is a color that is applied for the top of the head to the ends of the hair

Starting at $65

Double Process Color

A double process color is to lighten your hair and then apply another color to the lightened hair

Starting at $160

Mini Highlight

10 or a fewer foils are added into the hair to create some subtle but impactful dimension

Starting at $75

Partial Highlight

Foils are typically placed on top and sides of the head for a more natural look. This adds the perfect amount of brightness around the face and anywhere the sun may hit naturally

Starting at $95

Full Highlight

(New clients please always book unless directed otherwise. This is to allow for timing. Services may always be adjusted at checkout.)
Foiling throughout the whole head. This technique can add more dramatic affect your natural color

Starting at $126


Lightner is painted throughout the head and softly blended for a brighter lived in look and a seamless grow out

Starting at $136

Bleach and Tone

Lightener applied at new growth on a pre-lighten canvas

Starting at $105 per hour


This service helps to customize or refresh your color

Starting at $40

Gray Blending

A Semi Permanent Color to carefully blend in grey hair to an otherwise natural- colored head of hair

Starting at $40

Corrective Color

Consultation is Required
Think "OOPS, I need my stylist to fix a hair mistake that might have been made!"

Starting at $105

Consultations Are Required
(not all service providers preform these services)

Smoothing Treatments Above Shoulders

Design to smooth the hair, add shine, and eliminate frizz to allow for a quick drying time at home

Starting at $150

Smoothing Treatments Below Shoulders

Starting at $250

Curl Cult Perm

This is not your mammas perm! Curl Cult perm cuts the processing time in half and creates wash and go styles for a wide range of hair types, making more time for everything else in life were missing out on!

Starting at $275


Starting at $40

Blowdry with Color

Starting at $30

Deluxe Blowout

A big bouncy blowout using hot tools or setting clips. Perfect for a night out on the town

Starting at $55

Updo / Styling

(Please note anything half up or half down does constitute as an updo and a consultation may be required)
Great for events!

Starting at $60

Braids / Locks

Consultations are required before all appointments

Hair Extensions

Consultations are required before all appointments

Currently we provide
Hand Tied
Tape Ins

Deep Conditioning Treatment

This service helps to hydrate and soften the hair damaged by chemical processing and any exposure to heat. It can help improve the hairs elasticity, prevent further hair breakage and add shine

Starting at $30

Malibu / Clarifying Treatments

This treatment typically removes excess buildup in your hair caused from hard water, chlorine from swimming, water softeners and possibly medications

Starting at $15


Unlike any bond builder on the market today, K-18 strengthens the hair's core structure, restoring damaged curl patterns, reconnecting broken keratin chains and restoring the hairs elasticity and strength, basically making any and all hair "like new!"

Starting at $15

Phyto Scalp Treatment

This treatment is perfect to balance both dry or oily scalps. Regular use of this oil blend helps to improve the result of thinning hair treatments. It is also great for dandruff and itchiness on the scalp

Starting at $30